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Imperceptible Art is an Amsterdam based platform to create art centered around the Sarod, the Indian classical instrument.
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We b patient in takin’ our last steps…
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The world needs to get ready, cause this September poet Smita James is releasing her debut EP!


It has been highly anticipated for a while now, but soon, under the wings of the Amsterdam based platform Imperceptible Art, Smita will deliver us her poetry on her EP ‘Soundcheck’.

‘This EP is a journey back to the beginning, followed by a comeback as a stronger, wiser and more confident artist’, Smita explains.

‘It is about development, knowing what you can, knowing what you want and all insecurities in between. The reason I didn’t release anything at an earlier stage was because of the lack of confidence, lack of getting connected with people at the same energy level. You know, not connecting the way I personally like to work with people. But that’s all in the past now.’

It is an understatement to say Smita is very happy she worked on this EP with Imperceptible Art.

This artistic platform is centered around the Sarod, an Indian classical instrument, which will also be heard on the EP.

‘I wanted to make an EP or Album for years now’, Smita explains. ‘But connecting with everyone involved is so important! I could approach a producer and ask for beats, but it would not be the same. I reckon things would go more according to his or her perspective. With Imperceptible Art I found people who are open for fusion and wanted to create an spoken word related project with me, people who I connected with on a personal, artistic and energetic level.

What I want is to grow together, develop together. We did and we do. We make use of everyone’s strength this way, performing at the same horizontal level, moving towards the same goal.’

Smita started as a singer, making music with her brother Farris. Eventually this led her to choose her artistic path more geared towards poetry and spoken word. She always heard music with the things she wrote. ‘It took a while, but I always knew I would connect with the right people to accomplish what I had in mind. The thing is, I want the collaborating artists to feel it is their EP as well.

And with ‘Soundcheck’ that is the case.

Now most beats are provided by Tommy Vamoz, but I’m happy with all the features! Satyakam Mohkamsing on the violin, Tibor Dieter on the trumpet, vocals from people like JNM The Naked MC and Angelique Hop and of course Avi of Imperceptible Art, with beats and the sounds of the Sarod.’

As the finishing touches are being made, this fall we will be able to hear beautiful poetry, a beautiful sound of ambient fusion hiphop (but not exclusively).

It’s a Smita James’ EP…‘Soundcheck’ is coming! 

So now we wait…

Interviewed & Written by

Marvin Dwight

2 ladies in The Booth!

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